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What are the advantages of using the third-generation OM471 engine of Daimler Trucks on domestically produced Mercedes Benz Actros?


In October of this year, Daimler Trucks upgraded the OM471 series diesel engine again, which is also the third generation product launched in a decade since the engine was launched on the market in 2011. According to Daimler Trucks, the new diesel engine can achieve up to 4% fuel savings.

The third generation OM471 engine is of utmost importance in improving combustion efficiency. For example, by significantly optimizing the geometry of the piston groove, fuel injector design, and cylinder head parameters involved in air exchange, the compression ratio of this inline six cylinder engine was increased from 18.3:1 to 20.3:1, and the peak ignition pressure was increased to 250 bar, achieving higher combustion efficiency.

One of the most important means to improve fuel efficiency in modern diesel engine technology is to optimize turbocharging. The third-generation OM471 engine not only retains the asymmetric turbocharger used in the second generation, but also adds a Top Torque automatic torque increase system, which can add an additional 200 Nm of torque when the vehicle needs it. Taking one of the 480 horsepower engines equipped on the domestically produced Mercedes Benz Actros as an example, the standard torque is 2300 Nm (800-1500r/min). In standard mode and power mode, the torque will increase to 2500 Nm through the Top Torque automatic torque increase system, reaching the torque level of a 510 horsepower engine. While achieving higher climbing performance, it can also bring better fuel efficiency when driving on flat roads.

In addition to combustion efficiency and turbocharging technology, reducing friction is the third important means to improve fuel efficiency. For this reason, the third-generation OM 471 has developed a brand new engine oil pressure control valve, which always keeps the oil pressure at its optimal state. At the same time, the system also monitors the status of all engine components and their specific requirements, such as lubrication or cooling, to ensure that the engine is in a safe working state.

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