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When the heat load of the engine reaches a certain degree, the internal pressure of the cooling system exceeds the opening pressure of the steam valve of the water tank cover, and the swallow steam valve opens, the steam-water mixture in the radiator flows into the expansion tank through the steam condensing pipe connected with the radiator overflow pipe. Both the expansion tank and the retaining ring (Gasket) have a 0.2. The pressure of the space above the liquid level in the expansion tank is consistent with the atmospheric pressure. The steam-water mixture in the radiator is discharged under the system pressure, and the pressure is released and condensed in the expansion water tank, thus realizing the gas-water separation. When the heat load of the engine decreases, the pressure in the cooling system decreases gradually, and the volume of the cooling liquid and residual gas in the system decreases, then the steam valve of the water tank cover closes, under the action of the pressure difference, the inlet valve of the cover is sucked open, and the cooling liquid in the expansion water tank returns to the upper water chamber of the radiator along the steam condensing pipe under the action of the atmosphere, participates in the cooling cycle, and keeps the liquid level in the water tank constant. It is inevitable that there is gas in the cooling system, but when the stagnant gas exceeds a certain limit, it will have an adverse effect on the work of the engine Cause the engine cylinder block local overheating, causing the engine power decline, economic deterioration, and even can not work properly; in addition, when the engine thermal shutdown, due to cooling fluid stop circulation, superheated parts of the cooling liquid caused by local boiling. Under the above conditions, the coolant will be lost. The matching of the expansion tank device and the water tank cover solves the problem of replenishing and spilling the coolant.
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Mercedes expansion tank

Mercedes expansion tank

You can rest assured that you can buy our A9605019003 expansion tank. Our water tank can discharge the gas in the cooling system and supply the cooling fluid to the cooling system accordingly, by increasing the cooling system pressure to increase the pressure of the pump, but also to prevent the harm of pump cavitation.

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