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SYHOWER 0242502501 Mercedes Benz Clutch Kit, can withstand harsh road conditions and prolong service life. The pressure plate is bolted to the flywheel and exerts pressure on the clutch disc, holding it against the flywheel. When you release the clutch pedal, the pressure plate engages the clutch disc, allowing power to be transmitted from the engine to the transmission.

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Excellent materials make the starting smoother and the force more uniform. Our company's products have been adopted by many large domestic automobile manufacturers. All are welcome to inquire. SYHOWER 0242502501 Mercedes Benz Clutch Kit. After the high-performance clutch is installed, the advantage in the early stage of driving is that it starts smoothly and does not shake. And long service life, low noise. A clutch kit for a Mercedes-Benz is a set of components that are used to replace or repair the clutch system in a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission. The clutch system in a car is responsible for connecting and disconnecting the engine from the transmission, allowing you to change gears and control the power flow from the engine to the wheels.


These products are intended to be used as intended and should not be modified for such purposes. Please ensure that the product is installed by qualified personnel. NOTE 0242502501 Mercedes Benz clutch kits are often supplied without installation instructions.

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SYHOWER 0242502501 Benz clutch kit starts smoothly and does not shake. And long service life, low noise.

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SYHOWER 0242502501 Benz clutch kit, this product has been exported to Europe and America for a long time. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply you in time!

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