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How to Operate the Electrical Control System in Mercedes Benz Pump Car Accessories - SYHOWER


The electronic control system in Mercedes Benz pump cars is the most difficult to operate because there are too many functions to operate. Today, I am writing this article to better help everyone master the electronic control system.

1: There are five specific control methods for the electrical system of concrete delivery pumps: hydraulic, hydraulic, electromechanical, program controller, and logic gate control. In addition to installing an electrical system for operation tasks, the concrete delivery pump is also equipped with a manual control system, which is a small part of the control technology. If automated equipment is used for control, there are usually two methods: rod control organization and flexible shaft control organization. If the two are compared, it is not difficult to find that the flexible shaft control organization has more advantages, such as flexible layout, efficient gearbox, fewer connecting terminals and small empty distance, and convenient distance adjustment. Therefore, the key to the control system of concrete delivery pumps is to select the flexible shaft control organization. According to specific requirements, in the control system of the pump truck, it is necessary to maintain infinitely variable speed control, and the locking structure that can terminate the control lever at all positions is a crucial device for maintaining infinitely variable speed control, usually using butterfly springs or spring steel plates.

2: To facilitate use, the control handles are arranged and installed in convenient locations, such as the Schweiying BSF36.09Z car mounted pump. The control handle for controlling the speed of the car is installed next to the herringbone ladder, making it very convenient to use. The key to the control system of the concrete delivery pump is to manipulate the reserve of the main hydraulic oil pump and the engine speed, thereby changing the amount of concrete discharged by the pump truck. If night pressure control is selected, the night pressure driving force can be immediately obtained from the underwater concrete system of the pump truck, and controlled according to the manual hydraulic valve. There is a close correlation with the characteristics of concrete, and we should pay attention to the key points of the operating procedure in the operation process, promptly handle and detect faults on time, in order to improve the working efficiency of the conveying pump. There are two ways to clean pipelines: hand washing and gas washing.

3: Whether it is hand washing or air washing, the valve chamber and material bin must be cleaned and tidy. When washing by hand, place the plastic woven bag and cleaning ball that have been tied into a cylindrical shape with water into the cleaned cone tube in sequence, connect the cone tube and pipeline, close the pouring door, and then fill the mixing bucket with water (to maintain continuous water resources). Underwater concrete water until the cleaning ball emerges from the rear end of the conveying pipe. Air washing, also known as air compression blowing, involves inserting a cleaning ball soaked in water into the steam washing terminal, then connecting it to the first connecting pipe connected to the reducing pipe, and connecting the safety cover at the end of the pipeline, with the nozzle of the safety cover facing downwards. The water pressure for controlling air compression should not exceed 0.7MPa, and the air valve should be slowly opened. Only when the concrete can be completely discharged can the air valve be enlarged.