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The risk of oil products cannot be underestimated, Mercedes Benz's original oil-water separator - SYHOWER


The lifespan of Mercedes Benz trucks can be said to depend on the lifespan of the "heart" engine. The "three filters" we mentioned earlier are closely related to the engine, and their quality has a profound impact on the engine and trucks. This is also why we tirelessly emphasize the necessity of the original factory's "three filters". In fact, in the process of daily use and maintenance, in addition to the three filters, the oil water separator also needs special attention.

The oil-water separator and the diesel filter element are a pair of "partners". They separate the service water and solid impurities from the fuel Active ingredient, and jointly assume the important responsibility of fuel purification.

The impact of water on engines may not be as important as solid impurities, but it is not an exaggeration to say that the two are equally destructive. Fuel with high water content entering the engine first reduces combustion efficiency, resulting in engine weakness and weakness. But this is just the beginning. Water that has not been fully filtered often carries other harmful impurities, such as inorganic salts dissolved in it. These impurities gradually erode engine components over time along the path of fuel flow.

Currently, Mercedes Benz trucks use expensive unit pumps, which can cause poor or even scrapped fuel injectors due to high water content, resulting in high maintenance costs. After entering the cylinder, if the water "happens" to encounter sulfur, the iconic component of inferior fuel, sulfuric acid will be generated during high-temperature combustion. For the cylinder block and piston, sulfuric acid is the biggest natural enemy.

Although the diesel filter element can bear the filtering function to a certain extent, doing so will increase the loss and shorten its service life for the diesel filter element itself. Therefore, a more reliable and economical solution is to use both at the same time. However, given the collaborative relationship between the diesel filter element and the oil-water separator, we should also pay attention to avoiding the "barrel effect". For Mercedes Benz trucks, the original diesel filter element+original oil-water separator is the golden combination.

The oil-water separator can filter out large dirt in the fuel, extending the service life of the diesel filter element. In addition, it can also separate water from the fuel and improve fuel quality. The original oil-water separator of Mercedes Benz trucks first meets high specification requirements in terms of size, design, and production process.

In practical work, the original factory products guarantee the filtration effect through a series of methods: the internal control metal filter screen is electroplated, corrosion-resistant, and does not hang oil; Double layer filter paper overlay and special embossing process, while removing impurities and moisture. Non original oil-water separators that lack these characteristics can reduce costs and prices, but the risk of truck heart disease suddenly increases.

Despite the continuous improvement of fuel quality, illegal behaviors driven by regional differences and interests also exist. For trucks that require cross regional and long-distance operation, the risk of oil products cannot be ignored. The original parts of Mercedes Benz are Mercedes Benz trucks that provide users with solutions.

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