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What are the possible reasons for the increased noise in the engine of Mercedes Benz trucks


Why do we need to change the oil regularly? Oil is as important to the engine as blood is to the heart. Oil contains various additives that can effectively protect important moving parts of the engine and ensure its normal operation.

Cold starting causes excessive noise in about 95% of car damage, which is not recommended by most car enthusiasts. Due to cold starting, about 90% of car oil flows back to the oil pan, resulting in a lack of lubrication of internal parts of the diesel engine. When a cold car starts, the temperature of the diesel engine is low, and the wettability of the car oil does not improve. As the diesel engine heats up quickly and increases the speed ratio, the noise is slightly higher. After the car is warmed up, the noise and speed ratio decrease again. This is all normal conditions, and there is no need to worry too much. If the hot car still hasn't recovered, I suggest going to the repair shop to investigate the cause and conduct fault detection. Lack of car oil can cause a lot of noise. There are various conditions of car oil shortage, such as diesel engine oil leakage, car oil leakage, and normal consumption of car oil. I don't know how much car oil a beautiful car has. Some cars have engine oil burning, and after the engine oil is burned, some components are not lubricated in a timely manner, resulting in an increase in noise. Previously, high viscosity car oil was used, but now it has been replaced with low viscosity car oil. For example, in the car guide, it was originally specified to use 5W30, but many car enthusiasts did not pay attention and immediately used 5W-50 dry car oil. However, after using it, they felt that there was a problem with their own car. After replacing the 5W30, the noise was initially loud, but after driving for a period of time, it dropped again. This is all normal.

If the noise persists, it is abnormal. It is recommended to replace the model specified in the guide. It is best to remind that the car has reached the required mileage, such as after more than 60000 to 80000 kilometers, the internal gap of the diesel engine expands, and a higher viscosity car oil is replaced. It is generally not recommended to replace it with a low viscosity car oil. Due to the need to run in again after replacing the low viscosity car oil, it will worsen the damage to parts and cause loud noise. The use of automotive oil in violation of regulations can cause loud noise. Automotive oil is often operated under extreme natural environmental loads of high temperature and pressure for a long time, and diesel engines have high requirements for the characteristics of automotive oil. If the application time or mileage violates the regulations. As a result, the circulation, cleaning, and lubrication characteristics of car oil are lacking, leading to an increase in noise and even causing problems at other levels. It is suggested that car enthusiasts follow the maintenance instructions in the car operation manual for timely maintenance, or follow the instructions on the oil barrel for maintenance.

The technical secrets used by different well-known brands are different, and different secrets will cause poor exothermic reactions, alter their own characteristics, cause damage to the intake system components, and increase noise. Many mixing problems arise, therefore, it is recommended that car enthusiasts avoid mixing car oil as much as possible and use the same well-known brand of car oil as much as possible. If you encounter unique situations and need to replace different brands of engine oil, it is best to change the brand only by changing the label. This includes the viscosity suggested in the car guide, whether to use another well-known brand of engine oil or this viscosity.

After removing and replacing different brands of engine oil, the noise is high. Different well-known brands apply different base oils and preservatives, and the secret recipe is different. Generally, diesel engines must wait for a period of time (about 600 kilometers) to re blend in with new well-known brand car oil. At first, the noise is a bit loud, and diesel engines have outstanding performance in other aspects, such as driving force and fuel consumption. Generally, after a period of time, the noise will decrease, which is all normal problems. If the noise level does not decrease from 600 to 1500 kilometers, and there is no outstanding performance in other aspects, it indicates that new well-known brands are not suitable for their own cars. It is suggested to replace them immediately. The noise caused by mistakenly adding fake and inferior car oil is high. The anti wear, cleaning, and lubrication maintenance characteristics of fake and inferior car oil are very poor. After tragically adding it, the lubrication components lose reasonable maintenance, the damage worsens, and the noise is loud. If not immediately replaced, it will seriously damage the diesel engine, causing maintenance and absolute abnormalities. Car enthusiasts do not have to be greedy for cheap gains and losses.

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