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How to avoid engine bearing operation and maintenance for Mercedes Benz truck parts is crucial - SYHOWER


1. Do not start at low temperature and enter full load: When the engine starts at low temperature, the lubrication conditions are at their worst. If the engine starts at full load and the oil temperature is not sufficient to provide the best lubrication, it will cause abnormal damage to the bearing shells, which can easily cause engine sticking for a long time.

2. Preventing occasional stuffy driving and dragging gear: Among specific drivers, many drivers are accustomed to driving in a slow and dragging gear, which I think is a very bad habit. That operation will increase the burden on the bearing shells. Due to the low engine speed when the car is stuck or in gear, the oil pump cannot reach its normal operating speed, which also poses a risk of engine sticking.

3. Purchase genuine engine oil and filter element: By understanding the reasons for engine bearing, it is important to choose the appropriate and suitable engine oil.

Therefore, when selecting engine oil, it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements in the vehicle manual and select the appropriate grade and viscosity of engine oil. At the same time, genuine engine oil filter elements should also be selected. A good engine oil filter element can filter out impurities in the engine oil, ensuring the lubrication quality of the engine oil. At the same time, the engine oil should be changed regularly to ensure excellent lubrication conditions for the engine.

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