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Some precautions for using the heavy truck airbag system - SYHOWER


With the development of society, airbags are a core part of vehicle safety assurance systems. Many car owners do not have a sufficient understanding of the use of Mercedes Benz truck airbags. Therefore, today Shenzhen Xinhaowei Industry Co., Ltd. (a supplier of Mercedes Benz truck accessories) will explain to you the safety precautions related to the use of Mercedes Benz truck airbags.

The driver's front airbag can provide additional protection, but it cannot replace the seat belt. To reduce the risk of serious or even fatal injury caused by the triggering of the driver's front airbag, please follow the following precautions:

1. Drivers and passengers (especially pregnant women) must always wear their seat belts correctly and lean against the seat back, which should be as vertical as possible. The contact point between the headrest and head should be flush with the eyes.

2. The driver must sit in a seat as far away as possible from the driver's front airbag. The driver's seat position must enable the vehicle to travel safely. The driver's chest should be as far away as possible from the center of the driver's front airbag cover

3. Please ensure that there are no heavy or sharp objects in the pockets of your clothes. Do not lean forward (such as leaning over the driver's front airbag cover), especially when the vehicle is in motion.

4. Only hold the steering wheel rim to fully trigger the airbag. If you hold the inner part of the steering wheel, it may cause you to be injured when the driver's front airbag is triggered.

5. Do not lean against the inside of the door.

6. Please ensure that there are no other people, animals, or objects between the driver, passengers, and the triggering area of the driver's front airbag.

7. Do not place any objects between the seat backrest and the door.

8. Do not hang any hard objects, such as hangers, on handles or clothes hooks.

9. Do not hang any accessories (such as cup holders) on the door.

Due to the fast triggering speed of the driver's front airbag, the risk of injury caused by this cannot be completely ruled out.

If the airbag cover is modified or labeled, the airbag may no longer function as expected, thereby increasing the risk of injury. Do not modify the airbag cover or attach any items to it.

After the driver's front airbag is triggered, the airbag components will become hot. There is a risk of injury.

Do not touch airbag components. Please immediately go to a qualified professional service center to replace the triggered airbag.

12. The driver's front airbag is located in the middle of the steering wheel, under the steering wheel hub pad. The installation position can be identified by the letters SRS/AIRBAG. The driver's front airbag is triggered in front of the steering wheel.

13. If the driver's front airbag has been triggered, even if the vehicle can still continue to drive, arrangements should be made to tow it to the nearest qualified professional service center.

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