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How to check if the engine water pump of a heavy-duty truck is broken


Generally speaking, if the water pump fails, there are the following symptoms: idle speed problem: The car water pump is connected to a belt to extract cold water from the water tank to cool the engine. If the water pump rotates and there is a problem, it will directly affect the engine speed

The direct consequence of most water pump damage is coolant leakage, mostly caused by the aging of the water pump sealing ring. In addition, excessive tightening of the engine combination belt can also lead to premature wear of the water pump; If the antifreeze is not replaced for a long time, internal corrosion will ultimately cause damage to the water pump; The water pump has reached its service life and is not replaced for a long time.

It is important to develop a good habit of checking the water pump in daily life. First, observe whether the water tank is short of water (remember, it must be a cold car to open the water tank cover). If there is a shortage of water, the natural temperature will be high. Then drive the car, slightly throttle for a while, and observe the water temperature gauge (usually not more than half 70-90 degrees). If the water temperature continues to rise (such as near the red line), if possible, touch the slightly larger water pipe near the water tank end with your hand. If it is relatively cold and does not feel hot, it must be a problem with the cooling system!

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