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【SYHOWER】What are the tips for using spark plugs in automotive components?


There is already a lot of knowledge about automotive components, so I am a bit familiar with the secret of prolonging the service life of automotive components. Everyone can also pay attention to it, which can help maintain the safety and stability of the car.

The first thing to talk about is the cylinder of a car engine. When installing the internal cylinder gasket, it is important to be careful not to install it upside down, otherwise it may be damaged. Similarly, the fan blades of the engine cannot be installed upside down, which will cause a series of serious consequences. Secondly, it is important to consider the filter of the car. Although it is not the core device of the car, it should also be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner to avoid affecting its filtration effect.

Since it comes to cleaning, it must be explained in detail that if paper air filter elements are used, it is necessary to avoid using oil for cleaning. Some leather parts in cars also have such regulations. Some parts are disposable, so it is necessary to replace them in a timely manner to avoid causing greater accidents.

Spark plugs are often overlooked in many types of automotive components, but they are crucial throughout the entire vehicle. Is there anything to pay attention to when using such components?

It is normal for a vehicle to accumulate carbon in the spark plug after long-term driving. But it is important to remember to clean up the accumulated carbon in a timely manner to avoid directly affecting its normal use if it accumulates more. However, cleaning is not done casually. It should be immersed in gasoline and cleaned with a brush to remove the dirt.

At the same time, spark plugs can also have a certain service life, and it is not necessary to replace them only after they are broken. Spark plugs, in addition to their different shapes and sizes, can also be classified into three types: cold, medium, and hot. Therefore, when selecting them, it is important to be cautious, usually based on the type of car engine.

In addition, the spark plug installation must comply with the specified torque. If the force is too large or too strong, it will damage the spark plug ceramic core or cause the screw to slip, causing it to not function properly.