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What are the symptoms of a broken Mercedes-Benz water pump?


The Mercedes Benz Water Pump is a very important part of the engine. It can be said that without the water pump, the engine cannot run for a few minutes. What are the symptoms if it is broken? We usually read that the damage of the Mercedes Benz Water Pump usually refers to two states, one is that there is a problem with the operation of the water pump; the other is that the water pump leaks; these problems in the water pump will mainly lead to the following phenomena:

1. The water temperature is too high: this is the most direct symptom. Whether it is the Mercedes Benz Water Pump lost rotation or leakage, it will cause the flow of antifreeze to be blocked, affect the heat dissipation of the engine, and the alarms of "lack of antifreeze" and "engine high temperature" will easily appear. hint.

2. If the water pump is running normally and sometimes not, it may cause the engine to run poorly. In winter, there may be unstable water temperature and no hot wind.

3. If the water pump leaks, a puddle of water will be found under the car after a long time when the car is parked.

4. If there is a problem with the internal bearing or impeller of the water pump, it will easily cause various abnormal noises, usually screaming or metal friction.

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