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How many kilometers does the Mercedes-Benz brake disc need to be replaced?


There is no specific replacement cycle for Mercedes-Benz brake discs. When the mileage of the vehicle reaches 100,000 kilometers, the brake disc of the vehicle should be checked. If it is damaged or worn to the limit, it should be replaced in time.

Brake disc replacement procedure:

Check the wear of the Mercedes-Benz brake discs. During normal maintenance, it is not necessary to replace the brake discs. Judge whether to replace the brake disc according to the actual situation. The brake disc has a gap of more than 3MM, and the brake disc can be replaced.

Remove the front tire. To replace the brake discs, remove the two front wheels and you can see the car brake discs.

Remove the brake caliper fixing screws. The brake disc is mounted on the front wheel bearing and is secured by a brake caliper on the outside. Remove the brake caliper;

Remove the old Mercedes-Benz brake discs. Older brake rotors are mounted on the front wheel bearings and will develop rust on the bearings and brake rotors. At this time, you can use a hammer to tap from the back of the brake disc, and turn the brake disc while tapping, so that all four sides of the brake disc can be tapped. With a few taps, the old brake rotor can be removed.

Install new brake discs. After aligning the holes of the new brake disc with the holes on the bearing, lightly tap the inner side of the brake disc with a hammer to make it completely fixed on the bearing;

Install the brake calipers. Install the brake caliper to the original position, tighten the two fixing screws, and observe whether there is abnormal noise when the bearing rotates.

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