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Is the diesel engine of Mercedes Benz trucks more fuel-efficient with higher horsepower


Previously, there was a message on a customer's message board saying that they had just bought a car with a 504, which ran very well on the new road and didn't consume too much fuel. However, once they arrived in the plain area, their fuel consumption increased, and I couldn't accept this fuel consumption. She said that when I bought a car at that time, the people at the 4S store told me that high-power cars not only ran fast but also saved fuel, but now it doesn't seem like much, Is the market sales deceiving me? Today, people will come to briefly explain to everyone whether high-power cars are indeed fast and fuel-efficient.

I don't think that fan is a case in point. Many card enthusiasts believe that high horsepower cars can save fuel or run fast. This is not necessarily due to the fact that the car has high horsepower and saves fuel. Running fast is a prerequisite, which is the driving route of the car. If the operating route is not suitable for large horsepower cars, buying a high horsepower car for driving can cause fuel consumption, and it is not easy to control this phenomenon.

For example, if you often run on roads in plain areas and buy a high-power car, the regulations for drivers are very high. Due to the problem of excessive driving capacity caused by high-power cars in plain areas, for example, when the total weight of the car is about 49 tons, using a high-power car to run in plain areas will have relatively high regulations for the driver. If the driver does not handle the car well, The fuel consumption of nature on flat roads is mainly worse.

The problem that the friend encountered can be seen that not all routes are suitable for high-power trucks. Only by selecting a suitable car series with a suitable exhaust volume can it be helpful for fuel saving. When you only run in plain areas without actually going to impoverished areas, then you won't be able to use a car with too much horsepower. Simply put, high-power car series have necessary prerequisites for fast running and fuel saving.

Please believe that there is a close correlation between the high and low fuel consumption of my diesel engine and the safe driving habits of drivers. Many drivers' ideological consciousness is still stuck in that if they press the accelerator pedal deeply, the vehicle will run faster. Nowadays, diesel engines are equipped with low speed and high torque motors to control the surge technology. Even if the accelerator pedal is pressed deeply, it only commands the ECU of the diesel engine. In fact, the ignition advance angle is analyzed and decided by the ECU.

Perhaps under the same load capacity, especially in the uphill and low-speed gears, a high-power diesel engine will reduce the driving force damage caused by shifting and can quickly increase to cruising speed. The small and high-power diesel engine does less work and accelerates slowly, so it takes longer to raise the car to cruising speed, and the time to continuously pump the oil is longer than the high-power diesel engine. During the entire driving process, the car will cause various external forces to cause damage to the forward driving force. A high-power diesel engine can easily work to fill this damage, while a small and high-power diesel engine must exert a lot of force to tow the belt and repair it to cruising speed.

There will be another fan club asking, 'I've been running around the country, and it's a big loss if I ever want to go to poverty-stricken areas.'. I think such concerns are unnecessary in order to spend at least money on a small probability event, but I don't think so
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