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Why can arocs stand out in the industry


Speaking of arocs, in the global truck application field, everyone knows why Mercedes Benz trucks can stand out in the entire industry. Below, SYHOWER, a supplier of heavy truck parts for Mercedes Benz, will provide you with a detailed introduction to the advantages of Mercedes Arocs trucks?

1. Tailored solutions for each vehicle body.

The new Arocs still uphold their own virtues and continue to excel in terms of power, robustness, and efficiency. Meanwhile, the Mercedes Benz truck flagship store provides digital applications for the construction industry for construction operations. Most importantly, Arocs' existing ability to adapt to bodybuilding has been further improved. For example, personal body control functions that are not related to safety can be integrated into the multimedia cockpit of the new Arocs. This brings many advantages to fitness, driving, and transportation operators.

2. The display screen in the multimedia cockpit displays the body functions.

The multimedia cockpit of the new Mercedes Arocs consists of two digital displays, replacing the classic dashboard and supplementing the switch control panel in the dashboard. The high-resolution primary color display screen behind the steering wheel clearly displays all vehicle information, as well as driving and operating status. If the tool or installed body is running, it is symbolically displayed on the main display screen through indicator lights. In addition, pop-up windows can issue warnings to the driver and can configure up to ten messages. The pop-up window consists of a symbol and an information text. Possible messages may be 'body transmission failure', 'trailer connector failure', 'body oil temperature too high', or 'body repair required'.

3. The body indicator light can be assigned separately.

Another advantage of integrating technology into the multimedia cockpit of the new Arocs by Mercedes Benz:

To represent the corresponding symbols that bodybuilders want, it is no longer necessary to disassemble the dashboard. Service partners can easily configure symbols from the vehicle library using so-called XENTRY diagnostics. The main display screen of the multimedia cockpit can freely select up to five indicator lights. In this case, these lights will display the operating status of the vehicle body, such as whether the headlights of the vehicle body have been turned on or if the support feet of the crane have been extended.

4. Auxiliary displays can improve safety.

If there are no bankers on construction sites, many of the vehicle bodies installed on construction vehicles can only be safely operated from the driver's cab if the camera accurately monitors their radius of action. In new Arocs, there is usually no need to install other screens. Instead, up to four cameras can transmit their images to the auxiliary display in the multimedia cockpit. The driver can choose between different viewing modes, for example, displaying only the full screen images of current interest.

In short, in the new Arocs, the body and multimedia cockpit are closely integrated. Customizable pre installation solutions provide more information for drivers than before. You can continue to use mechanical switches that control body functions, or replace them with virtual switches that are convenient and intuitive to control. In addition, this reduces the wiring requirements for the new Arocs, which means there is no need for further wiring to the switch control panel in the dashboard.

As a Mercedes Benz heavy-duty truck tractor, in addition to technological innovation, its lifespan has also been greatly extended. Thanks to the good quality of Mercedes Benz accessories, friends who need imported Mercedes truck accessories from the original factory can contact Ouchen at any time to provide you with engine accessories, chassis accessories, gearbox accessories, and various exterior parts.