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Volvo Heavy Truck RV! Creating a luxurious residence on wheels


There is a brand in the RV industry that can be considered first-class in terms of design and performance, but it is quite low-key. It is Volvo from Sweden. Today, we are introducing the latest A-type RV from Yangzhou Saide RV, which is based on the Volvo FM460 heavy-duty truck chassis. What sparks will be generated by the combination of professional RV manufacturers and a brand that has always focused on safety? Let's take a look together!

The body painting is fashionable and wild, with dimensions of 11992 * 2500 * 3827mm and Michelin tires, combining comfort, safety, and fuel efficiency. The nearly twelve meter tall figure showcases the power of the strong, creating a luxurious villa on wheels that can be described as a "big guy".

The entire vehicle is built on the imported chassis of Volvo FM460, using 6 × 2. With the rear lifting axle design, the bearing capacity is strengthened, the fuel consumption is reduced, and the tire wear is also reduced. The front axle is a two piece parabolic leaf spring suspension, equipped with a lateral stabilizer bar, and the driving experience is more comfortable. In terms of power system, it is equipped with a 12.8L diesel engine, matched with the new I-shift 12 speed automatic transmission, and comes standard with air shock absorption. Volvo's independent EVB+efficient auxiliary braking system ensures the safety of this vehicle.

The ultra high roof independent cockpit is spacious and transparent, with multi angle adjustable airbag seats for the driver and passenger, effectively absorbing the vibration and bumpiness of driving on bumpy roads. It is equipped with a multi-functional steering wheel, streaming rearview mirror, power windows, and central locking as standard, and electric heated rearview mirrors ensure a good and clear view in rainy and foggy weather. The dashboard design is practical and concise, with a strong sense of technology. The center console integrates a car phone, radio, automatic air conditioning, and differential lock. The thoughtful design and complete auxiliary systems create a more relaxed and comfortable driving environment for the driver.
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